Welcome - Theory and Practice of Mediation and Conflict Transformation in Northern Ireland LAWS 2262   Theory and Practice of Mediation and Conflict Transformation in Northern Ireland
This one-credit intensive course, taught by a mediator from Northern Ireland, will provide theoretical, philosophical, practical and experiential learning in the field of conflict resolution, with a particular emphasis on the practice of mediation and conflict transformation. The focus of the course is on gaining an understanding of conflict, and ways of responding to it. There is an emphasis on both personal awareness and practical skills. This is not a history or political science course on Northern Ireland; while the instructor will refer to work that he has done in Northern Ireland, the intention is to use Northern Ireland as a backdrop against which to examine conflict more generally and to consider ways of responding to conflict that will be transferrable to other contexts. Topics may vary slightly from year to year, and could include: story-telling as a foundation for the practice of mediation; the personal, interpersonal and structural elements of conflict, the challenges and opportunities offered by mediation, particularly against the backdrop of long-standing conflict, methods used to build the trust necessary for mediation to proceed; the role of forgiveness in mediation.
NOTES: It does NOT fulfill the law school's major paper requirement. Assessment Method: The course will be pass/fail, with the evaluation based on 20% class participation, 5% brief in-class presentation and 75% take-home assignment of 2500 words. Maximum enrolment: 20 students Notes: - Attendance at every class is mandatory for this course. - Students will be provided with readings and a detailed course outline prior to the beginning of the class.
RESTRICTIONS: Restricted to students in the JD program or JD-combined programs: JDMBA, JDMPA, JDMHA, JDMLIS, and JDMJ