Welcome - Canadian Patent Drafting Competition LAWS 2296   Canadian Patent Drafting Competition
This course allows students to deepen their knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of patent law, examining concepts such as prior art and enabling disclosure (through description, claims and drawings). To this end, students are asked to prepare and submit a complete patent application pertaining to the hypothetical invention in accordance with the rules provided. Additional instructions for the preparation of the patent application may accompany the hypothetical invention. The patent application is submitted in writing as well as defended orally during the Competition. The patent application is reviewed by assigned judges prior to the Competition. Furthermore, the patent application is adjudicated at the Competition along with the student presentation by a panel of judges, selected by the Organizing Committee from the legal profession, patent examiners, academia or special guest judges. Participation is open to two or three 3rd year students, by way of an application process in the Fall term of their second year.
NOTES: Assessment Method: Research, written patent application and oral presentation of drafting strategy and participation as a member of the team both during the preparation and during the Competition itself.
FORMAT COMMENTS: 3 credits, in the Winter term. Preliminary work will be required during the Fall.
PREREQUISITES: Laws 2178, Intellectual Property Law