Welcome - Graduate Seminar on Legal Education and Legal Scholarship LAWS 3000X/Y    Graduate Seminar on Legal Education and Legal Scholarship
This seminar is a required course for students in the LLM program. It is also open to PhD students. Its purpose is to explore various issues in legal education and legal research from a comparative perspective. The first part of the course is devoted to an examination of the purposes of legal education and the various ways that legal education is structured and carried out in different jurisdictions. The remainder of the course is spent examining different methodological and ideological approaches to legal research, with special emphasis on how each of the seminar participants would see his or her development as a legal scholar.Evaluation is via a number of components including, but not limited to, a research assignment, a position paper, class participation, a series of reaction papers and a “methodological prospectus” or "review essay" focusing on the student's area of research interest. The course begins in September and is completed by the end of February.