Welcome - Honours Seminar in Law, Justice and Society Pt 1 LJSO 0400   Honours Seminar in Law, Justice and Society Pt 1
The Honours seminar provides LJSO Honours Students with the opportunity to embark on a concerted independent study of their choice of topic within the interdisciplinary field of Law, Justice and Society. Students are asked to identify a supervisor/professor to oversee the development of a substantial research paper or thesis as an independent capstone project. The paper and reading list will be arranged with the professor, and approved by the Coordinator. Regular meetings will be held for LJSO Honours students, to provide an opportunity for the Honours students to engage in discussions about their research papers and projects, but the main working relationship will be between the student and the chosen supervisor. Students must enroll in LJSO 0400.00 and LJSO 4000.03 in the same academic year. LJSO 0400.00 in the Fall term will be mainly preparations for writing the thesis in the Winter term under LJSO 4000.03.
FORMAT: Seminar
PREREQUISITES: LAWS 2510.03, LAWS 2520.03, LJSO 3000.03, and Admission to the Honours Program
RESTRICTIONS: Restricted to LJSO Honours students ONLY