Welcome - Marketing Applications in the Not-for-Profit Sectors MGMT 2402   Marketing Applications in the Not-for-Profit Sectors
This course is intended to further the student’s understanding of the ways in which the discipline of marketing can be applied to a number of public policy, environmental, professional and non-profit management areas. It will integrate the basic theory and concepts covered in the introductory marketing course with advanced theory and concepts in consumer psychology. Overall, the course will maintain a consumer behaviour perspective in examining the ways in which various constituencies fulfill their strategic organizational objectives through the application of marketing practices. Topic areas examined will be: micro-marketing (firm perspective) vs. macro-marketing (societal perspective); non-profit, cause-related, “green” and social marketing; de-marketing (e.g. anti-smoking, etc.); the use of marketing communications in the electoral and public policy-making process; ethics in marketing; marketing and development. The course may also examine the application of the discipline of marketing to a number of professional fields, such as sports/recreation and health sciences. Learning activities might include: lectures, videos, seminars, internet exercises, examinations and field assignments.