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This course places management in its broadest context and helps students from diverse disciplines explore the complex social, economic, ecological, political and technological forces shaping efforts at social innovation in the public, private and non-profit sectors. The course is characterized by a strong emphasis on teamwork and effective problem solving in inter-professional environments. The major focus of the course is the Social Innovation Lab group project. Interdisciplinary teams of 4-6 students will spend the semester working on live projects hosted by organizations from across Nova Scotia. The primary goals of the projects are for the student groups to provide value in the form of generating and assessing the feasibility of new ideas and possibilities for a partner organization and for the partner organization to contribute to the professional and academic development of the students. Additionally, these projects are intended to provide students with the opportunity to gain experience in the complexities of an inter-professional work environment; develop and hone tools and skill sets that are part of various professional disciplines; gain a greater understanding of the issues at hand when organizations work to integrate the seemingly disparate worlds of governance, business, environment and society in the information age; and enhance leadership and teamwork skills that can be transferred to future work experiences.
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