Welcome - Health Conditions and Occupational Performance OCCU 5002   Health Conditions and Occupational Performance
This course examines the relationship between medically-defined health conditions and occupational performance across the lifespan. Students will learn to describe health conditions and analyze their impact on the performance of occupations in daily life as well as the impact of occupational performance on health conditions. The knowledge base developed will be in the aetiology, medical classification and diagnosis, symptoms, treatment and prognosis of common mental and physical conditions that affect the performance of daily occupations. Knowledge about conditions drawn from various medical specialties will be synthesized with occupation specific knowledge. Multiple learning methods will include lectures, small group tutorials, self-directed inquiry, and critical analysis of the cultural construction of health conditions.TECHNOLOGY: Consult http://www.dal.ca/ilo for current technology requirements
FORMAT COMMENTS: On site, mixed methods, Brightspace
PREREQUISITES: Admission to the MSc (OT) program, or SSGS (Special Student Graduate Studies) status by permission of the instructor.