Welcome - Research Approaches for Occupational Therapists OCCU 5007   Research Approaches for Occupational Therapists
This course introduces theories and epistemologies underlying positivist and naturalist (quantitative and qualitative) approaches to research, particularly focusing on the issues that arise for research on occupation and in occupational therapy. We explore tensions between objectivity and subjectivity, the value of standardized measures, insider/ outsider issues unique to clinician-researchers, concerns about inclusion/ exclusion, ethical issues in research, and particularly power concerns inherent in research. We examine the epistemological and methodological ‘fit’ of various research approaches with occupational therapy, asking how research may best move the profession forward. The focus in this course is on critical appraisal of the social, political, economic, and ethical matters that shape the research enterprise. The aim is to develop astute consumers and critics of scholarly research.TECHNOLOGY: Consult http://www.dal.ca/ilo for current technology requirements
FORMAT COMMENTS: On site, mixed methods, Brightspace
PREREQUISITES: Successful completion of all MSc(OT) program courses in the previous semester, previously approved Special Student - Graduate Studies (SSGS) status from the School of Occupational Therapy and the Faculty of Graduate Studies, or by permission of instructor