Welcome - Fieldwork I (90 hr) (September – April) OCCU 5111X/Y    Fieldwork I (90 hr) (September – April)
The students gain experience of the personal and environmental factors that influence occupational development, participation and engagement of individuals/groups in this fieldwork learning experience. Students participate in community programs and an interprofessional learning initiative and reflect in small group tutorials with occupational therapists and in interprofessional teams to link their experiences to their growing professional and interprofessional knowledge. Students develop peer learning skills as fieldwork pairs, interprofessional health mentor team members, and in tutorial groups TECHNOLOGY: Consult http://www.dal.ca/ilo for current technology requirements
NOTES: Credit can only be given for this course if X and Y are completed in consecutive terms and partial credit cannot be given for a single term.
FORMAT COMMENTS: 13 weeks part-time in Nova Scotia site, mixed methods, BLS
PREREQUISITES: Admission to the MSc (OT) program, or SSGS (Special Student Graduate Studies) status by permission of the instructor.