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This is the first part of the major project course for the entry-level Master of Science (Occupational Therapy) program. The students choose from a list of possible scholarly projects related to occupational science, occupational therapy, and/or related fields. Together with a faculty member, student teams will negotiate the project to be undertaken, develop a theoretical rational for the project, conduct an in-depth literature review, design and/or defend the methodology and conduct the project.TECHNOLOGY: Consult http://www.dal.ca/ilo for current technology requirements
FORMAT COMMENTS: Onsite, Brightspace, Seminars, Team meetings with faculty member and group seminars.
PREREQUISITES: Successful completion of all MSc(OT) program courses in the previous semester, previously approved Special Student - Graduate Studies (SSGS) status from the School of Occupational Therapy and the Faculty of Graduate Studies, or by permission of instructor