Welcome - Justice in Global Perspective PHIL 2475   Justice in Global Perspective
In this course, we will explore answers to the central question in philosophical ethics “How should we live our lives and interact with others?” in the context of the international community or “Global Village” in which we now live. The course will involve close concentration on analyses of liberal and non-liberal theorists from around the world on the subjects of: moral rights, the nature of justice, social welfare, human diversity and equality, and the nature of social responsibility. Specific topics may include: the impact of globalization on understanding of moral rights (human rights, labour rights, language rights, etc.), developing world responses to western conceptualizations of rights, new conceptions of justice and social transformation including conceptions of restorative justice, conceptualizations or race and ethnicity and sources of personal and communal identity, the nature and importance of autonomy, the importance of different cultural constructions of gender and the problem of sexual violence in a global perspective, and frameworks for understanding shared agency and shared responsibility for poverty and environmental degradation.
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