Welcome - Political Worlds: The Global Domain POLI 1065   Political Worlds: The Global Domain
This course, which builds on Political Science 1060, introduces you to key approaches, actors, and issues in the study of global politics. After discussing the role of theory and history in understanding contemporary global politics, it considers the role of national governments, international and regional organizations (like the United Nations, the European Union, or the African Union), Non-governmental organizations (like the Red Cross or Greenpeace), and Multinational Corporations. It then looks at the Politics of Global Security and Human Rights, and the Politics of Global welfare (including trade, poverty alleviation, and environmental stress). The objective is to increase your global political ‘literacy', to better understand contemporary global challenges and to prepare you for further study of international relations and comparative politics.
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EXCLUSIONS: POLI 1001.03 and POLI 1002.03