Welcome - Municipal Law and City Politics in Canada POLI 2230   Municipal Law and City Politics in Canada
Most Canadians live in cities, yet municipal government is the weakest and least understood order of government in our federal system. What accounts for this? After all, municipal government has often been described as the foundation of democracy. In Canada, municipal governments have many unique characteristics, from their constitutional status to the council system and a tradition of non-partisan government. In this class we explore the character of municipal government, engaging with fundamentally constitutional questions about the purpose of municipalities and their evolving role within Canadian federalism. The course covers the legal basis of municipal systems as well as engages critically with municipal lawmaking and governance in Canadian cities using lenses such as political economy, anti-racism and anti-colonialism. A major concern is to evaluate whether municipal governments and their legal frameworks support a rich local democracy as well as equitable and effective service delivery in the face of contemporary urban challenges.
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PREREQUISITES: 1000-level course in Political Science or King's FYP recommended.
EXCLUSIONS: POLI 3216.03 and POLI 3232.03