Welcome - Politics of Consumption POLI 3390   Politics of Consumption
The course examines the political and economic importance of consumption and critical perspectives on the ecological, social, and wellbeing impacts of consumer society. Topics include: the emergence of consumer society, consumption during the Depression and war years, the central role of expanded consumption in the post-war “golden age” of capitalism, the struggles of marginalized groups to participate in consumer society, growing inequalities of consumption in the neoliberal era, consumption in communist and post-communist societies, and political and ethical consumerism. The environmental impacts of consumer society are a prominent theme in the course, along with competing perspectives on how to achieve “sustainable consumption.”
  • Lecture
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FORMAT COMMENTS: The course will combine lectures and class discussion, along with student presentations, guest speakers, and the occasional use of video clips.
PREREQUISITES: 30 credit hours required; previous coursework in Political Science recommended