Welcome - Policy Formulation in Canada POLI 4240   Policy Formulation in Canada
This course provides a general introduction to the field of policy management, for graduate and honours undergraduate students. Using British ‘best practice’ ideas of professional policy making and Canadian statements of generic policy competencies, it seeks to improve the policy capacity of participants. It does this first by increasing their knowledge of public policy structures, processes, and outputs, and secondly, by giving them knowledge that they can use in policy advocacy both inside and outside government. The first section of the course examines policy definitions and professional policy making approaches in the 21st century. The second section considers the role of the state in the 21st century, and the policy competencies that analysts must have if that role is to be carried out effectively. Section three explores vertical, horizontal and external policy relationships, both as determinants of policy and as practical matters of management. Section four explores, and helps participants to gain proficiency in, the most recent processes of strategic policy design and implementation. This blend of theory and practice will increase the policy knowledge of all participants, and equip those who are in professional programs, including the various public services, to contribute more effectively to policy processes in the future.SIGNATURE REQUIRED.
FORMAT: Seminar
PREREQUISITES: Honours students only. Permission of instructor
EXCLUSIONS: POLI 5240.03, PUAD 5120.03