Welcome - Theories of Violence, Persecution, Genocide POLI 4481   Theories of Violence, Persecution, Genocide
This course will provide an overview of contemporary theoretical approaches to systemic violence, particularly against racial, ethnic, and sexuality minorities. Through a selection of historical and contemporary case studies, it will assess different accounts and explanatory frameworks for understanding the instigation and exacerbation of persecution and genocide. Attending to the role of the state and state policies in the history of violence, it will examine the discourses and practices that have both fuelled and justified the colonization of native peoples, enslavement of racial groups, the holocaust, and ethnic cleansing in the 20th century genocides. We will also consider the recent attempts of the international community to prevent, deter, and curb genocidal outbreaks, and the theoretical assumptions about human behaviour that underpin them.
FORMAT: Seminar
PREREQUISITES: 2000-level course in Political Science or permission of the instructor