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This course provides a solid grounding in the legal underpinnings, the governance framework, and the concepts surrounding union-management and employee relations in the public service. This knowledge will strengthen the capacity of public servants to perform effectively whether they are employees, managers or elected union officials. The course will examine in some detail the evolution of Labour rights and Labour relations in the federal public service, up to and including the implementation of the Public Service Labour Relations Act which has been implemented as part of the newly enacted Public Service Modernization Act. While this course will draw extensively from the federal experience, it will also provide opportunities to examine provincial, municipal and private sector experiences. It will examine the roles and responsibilities of the various players within the legal framework which governs these relationships and explore the impact in the workplace of the various approaches to Labour management including the movement towards a less litigious Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process as an alternative to the rights based processes and how this can affect the workplace.
PREREQUISITES: MPA students must successfully complete all eight required courses of the first year of the MPA program prior to enrolling in 6xxx level courses and MGMT5000, or seek special permission from the Graduate Coordinator. Students from outside of the MPA program must seek permission from the course instructor.