Welcome - Program Evaluation Seminar PUAD 6520   Program Evaluation Seminar
This course is focused on the construction of different types of evaluation frameworks for a set of government programmes or initiatives. Students prepare a plan of how to evaluate their program of choice giving special attention to perspective taken and stakeholder interests, students identify relevant data sources, and data collection instruments and design a research framework that combines qualitative and Quantitative approaches. Specific research skills acquired in PUAD 5140 and PUAD 5180, are applied to a broader and large scale evaluation framework. In addition, students are exposed to competing approaches to programme evaluation, as well as ethical issues within the discipline. Student presentations and class discussion are an integral part of the course.
PREREQUISITES: MPA students must successfully complete all eight required courses of the first year of the MPA program prior to enrolling in 6xxx level courses and MGMT 5000, or seek special permission from the Graduate Coordinator. Students from outside of the MPA program must seek permission from the course instructor.