Welcome - Issues in the Study of Indigenous Peoples of North America SOSA 3185   Issues in the Study of Indigenous Peoples of North America
This class deals with issues relating to Indigenous peoples, settler-colonialism, and Indigenous-settler relations in North America. Topics covered will vary from year to year, but may include: Treaty negotiations, rights, and responsibilities; social and cultural continuity and change; land use, dispossession and claims; Indigenous sovereignty and nation-to-nation relations with settler governments; social movements such as Idle No More or Water Protectors; colonial policies and their impacts; or the dynamics and limitations of Truth and Reconciliation. Bearing in mind that anthropological and sociological research has both supported and hindered Indigenous peoples’ self-determination, this course also explores the challenges of building collaborative research that foregrounds Indigenous priorities, positionalities, and participation. Approved with International Development Studies and Law, Justice, and Society programs.
FORMAT: Lecture
PREREQUISITES: One SOSA 1000 level course or FYP or CANA 2052.03 or SOSA 2052.03
CROSS-LISTING: CANA 3185.03, INDG 3185.03