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Experiential learning recognized the learning experience relevant to the program outside the scheduled curriculum. Students are responsible for drafting a learning agreement with the course coordinator and supervisor to specify learning outcomes, activities designed to accomplish these outcomes, a quantifiable assessment strategy and timetable.
PREREQUISITES: ECON 1101.03, ECON 1102.03, ECON 2200.03 (or ECON 2210.03 or ECON 2220.03(, ECON 2201.03, ECON 3338.03, ECON 3339.03 with minimum grades of C. To be eligible, students should have a minimum average GPA of 3.0 in Economics.
EXCLUSIONS: Scheduled classes at a learning institution, study that would qualify for co-op work terms and paid work. Only one experiential learning class per degree is permitted.