Minor in Theatre - Speak With Confidence: Voice for Non-Majors THEA 2841   Speak With Confidence: Voice for Non-Majors
This course is designed to enable the student to use the speaking voice effectively, to communicate freely and easily, with clarity and conviction, thereby strengthening his or her presentation skills. This course will be practical in nature. Exercises and explorations will initially be centred on group dynamics and will require commitment, concentration and full-bodied participation. Many aspects of voice use will be covered, including release of the body, alignment of the spine, breathing, resonance, pitch, volume and power, articulation, working with an intention, and care of the voice. The focus of the course will be on self-discovery as well as awareness of others. Students will also have the opportunity to make individual presentations and receive feedback accordingly. Guest speakers/artists may be invited to visit the classroom.
  • Lecture
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EXCLUSIONS: All advanced Acting courses