Certificate in Aquaculture and the Environment - Experiential Learning MARI 3800   Experiential Learning
Experiential Learning recognizes the learning experience relevant to the program outside the scheduled curriculum. Students are responsible for drafting a learning agreement with the course coordinator and supervisor to specify learning outcomes, activities designed to accomplish these outcomes, a quantifiable assessment strategy and a timetable.
NOTES: To register in this course, a student must first find a suitable supervisor and sign a learning agreement between the course coordinator, the student and the supervisor.
FORMAT COMMENTS: A minimum of 84 hours of work experience should be documented. For example students could spend 7-8 hours throughout a regular term or complete the 84 hours in a more concentrated period during the summer. Grading is pass/fail.
PREREQUISITES: Students must be registered in a Biology or Marine Biology program, have completed a minimum of 18 credit hours in Biology or Marine Biology above the 1000 level and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.4 or permission of the course coordinator.
EXCLUSIONS: Scheduled courses at a learning institution, study that would qualify for a Special Topics class, an Honours project, co-op work terms and paid work. Only one experiential learning course per degree is permitted.