Certificate in Environmental Impact Assessment - Plants in the Human Landscape PLAN 3225   Plants in the Human Landscape
The course covers use of plants for human recreation and aesthetics; in gardens, public parks, suburban and urban landscapes. Topics include: garden design, choice of plant materials, management and maintenance, edible landscaping, use of horticulture as therapy and plants and human health. Course will involve field trips and group projects. Students will be expected to complete a design project as part of the coursework.
  • Lecture
  • Tutorial

PREREQUISITES: BIOL 1010.03 or BIOL 1020.03 (C- or better) and BIOC 1011.03 or BIOC 1021.03 (C- or better) or DISP or PLAN 2001.03 or GEOG 2001.03
CROSS-LISTING: BIOL 3225.03, ENVS 3225.03