Minor in Classics: Medieval Philosophy - Intermediate Latin I CLAS 2801   Intermediate Latin I
This course is a continuation of Introductory Latin at the intermediate level. It is a study of the poetry and prose literature of Rome through a selection of texts. Particular attention is paid to improving the students' command of the grammar and syntax of the Latin language.
NOTES: This course is the first part of the former full-year course CLAS 2800X/Y.06. This course description reflects the entirety of the pair (CLAS 2801.03 and CLAS 2802.03).
FORMAT: Seminar
PREREQUISITES: minimum grade of C in CLAS 1800, CLAS 1802, or CLAS 2810, or CLAS 2401 and CLAS 2402, or permission of the instructor
EXCLUSIONS: CLAS 2800X/Y.06; CLAS 2401; CLAS 2402