Minor in Community Design - Environmental Planning Studio PLAN 4001   Environmental Planning Studio
This course provides an applied context for analyzing landscape issues and exploring environmental planning options. Students provide a service to the community by working through projects where local community groups or agencies have identified real needs for information and advice.
FORMAT: Studio
FORMAT COMMENTS: Studio 6 hours (one term)
PREREQUISITES: (PLAN 3001.03 or GEOG 3001.03) and (PLAN 3002.03 or GEOG 3002.03) and (PLAN 3005.03 or GEOG 3005.03) and (PLAN 3006.03 or GEOG 3006.03) and admission to Honours program; OR admission to graduate program.
RESTRICTIONS: NOTE: Restricted to year 4 BCD (Hons.) Students Restricted to students in: Program BCD Honours in Environmental Planning, BCD Honours in Environmental Planning & Sustainability, BCD Honours in Urban Design & Planning, BCD Honours Urban Design & Planning & Sustainability