Minor in Community Design - Application of Planning Law PLAN 4035   Application of Planning Law
This course explores the application of planning law in the field of community design. The course introduces students to the legal processes and statutory requirements for land use planning in Canada, with particular reference to Nova Scotia.
  • Lecture
  • Seminar

PREREQUISITES: (PLAN 3001.03 or GEOG 3001.03) and (PLAN 3002.03 or GEOG 3002.03) and (PLAN 3005.03 or GEOG 3005.03) and (PLAN 3006.03 or GEOG 3006.03), and admission to Honours program; OR admission to graduate program.
RESTRICTIONS: Restricted to students in: Program BCD Honours in Environmental Planning, BCD Honours in Environmental Planning & Sustainability, BCD Honours in Urban Design & Planning, BCD Honours Urban Design & Planning & Sustainability
EXCLUSIONS: Plan 3035.03