Minor in Early Modern Studies - Structures of the Modern Self EMSP 2000X/Y    Structures of the Modern Self
Central to what distinguishes modernity from the ages preceding it was the development of a new conception of the self. This course traces the history of the modern self in its cultural expressions from its beginnings in the Renaissance. The developing and often diverse explorations of the self in the early modern period will be considered through an examination of philosophic and literary texts as well as other aesthetic phenomena. To help provide a sense of what the modern self implies, continual reference will be made to its relation to social and economic developments, to a changing perception of gender, to the encounter of Europe with the non-European world, and to institutional authority, particularly governmental and ecclesial.
NOTES: Credit can only be given for this course if X and Y are completed in consecutive terms and partial credit cannot be given for a single term.
  • Lecture
  • Tutorial

PREREQUISITES: Completion of 24 credit hours of 1st year classes