Minor in History of Science and Technology - Introduction to the History of Science HSTC 2200X/Y    Introduction to the History of Science
This course is a broad introductory survey of the central developments in the history of science, open to first and higher level students whatever their fields, and may be an introduction to further study in the history of science. It examines the most revolutionary figures from the Greeks to the modern period. The work of each of these had such a profound influence upon their own era and upon subsequent times that students in the humanities will find this course clarifies the nature of science and its cultural importance. Students in the sciences will recognize that their contributions have been permanently woven into the fabric we call the modern world. In uncovering the sources and character of each of these transformations in the theory and practice of science, the course will challenge conventional views about the nature and place of science. This course may be taken as an arts or science credit.
NOTES: Credit can only be given for this course if X and Y are completed in consecutive terms. Students who are registered as combined honours with History of Science and Technology are not permitted to take this course to fulfill their HOST degree requirements. This course may be taken either as an Arts or a Science credit.
  • Lecture
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CROSS-LISTING: HIST 2074X/Y.06, HSTC 1200X/Y.06, SCIE 2000X/Y.06
EXCLUSIONS: HSTC 2201.03, BIOL 3502,03, HIST 3072.03, HIST 3074X/Y.06, SCIE 4000.03