Minor in Health Studies - Occupation and Daily Life OCCU 2000   Occupation and Daily Life
This introductory course for students in arts, social sciences, science and other fields is designed to explore the meaning of occupation in everyday life. Typically, the term “occupation” refers to categories of paid work. This course will explore a broader meaning of occupation; namely purposeful activity. This concept of occupation will include everything we do to look after and develop ourselves, be involved in meaningful endeavours, contribute to our communities, promote health, advocate for opportunities, generate income and more. Students will be exposed to a broad range of literature on occupation; the motivation, organization and performance of occupation; the environment as a context for occupational performance; and the promotion of health through occupation. Students will gain an appreciation of occupation as the foundation of everyday life through sociological, anthropological and narrative analysis, and experiential activities.
  • Lecture
  • Discussion

FORMAT COMMENTS: 3 lecture hours/discussion
RESTRICTIONS: None. This course is OPEN to non-Occupational Therapy students