Minor in Law, Justice and Society - Human Rights: Political Issues POLI 4303   Human Rights: Political Issues
This course will introduce students to the evolving place of human rights in politics, both comparative and international. We begin by examining the historic emergence of human rights as an issue in world politics, principally since the Second World War, and their conceptual foundations. We then focus on a number of specific topics and controversies concerning human rights in world politics, including: the sources of and struggle to end human rights-abusive regimes; the multilateral politics of human rights; human rights in national foreign policies; the rights of indigenous peoples; genocide, humanitarian intervention; and the responsibility to protect; and the relationship between globalization and human rights, and the 'Global War on Terrorism' and human rights. Finally we look at the role of human rights in domestic politics, focusing on the issues of women's rights and sexual orientation.
FORMAT: Seminar
PREREQUISITES: POLI 2300X/Y.06, POLI 2301.03 or POLI 2302.03 , POLI 2520.03 or POLI 2530.03 or POLI 3505.03 or permission of the instructor.