Minor in Sociology and Social Anthropology of Economy, Work and Development - Work and Occupations in a Changing World I SOSA 2162   Work and Occupations in a Changing World I
This class explores the consequences of several major upheavals in the world of work that are currently underway. These include the relocation of manufacturing from Northern countries to Southern countries, and the expansion of the presence of women in labour forces as workers over much of their adult life cycle. Topics may include: the international division of labour; home based labour; the impact of work on family life and family life on work; work in contemporary film; managerial and union strategies; and the relationship between education and employment. It is a sound basis for further study in the areas of management, labour relations, gender studies or development studies. Approved with International Development Studies.
NOTES: This course is the first part of the former full-year course SOSA 2161/Y.06. This course description reflects the entirety of the pair (SOSA 2162.03 and SOSA 2163.03).
FORMAT: Lecture
PREREQUISITES: One SOSA course at the 1000 level or FYP
EXCLUSIONS: WOST 2400X/Y.06, SOSA 2161X/Y.06