Minor in Sociology and Social Anthropology of Economy, Work and Development - Living in a Globalized World SOSA 3214   Living in a Globalized World
This course examines various definitions and approaches to globalization as a multidimensional process. Students will discuss topics such as: global culture (identity, migration, hybridity, homogenization, heterogenization), global risks (pollution, health, food, unemployment, poverty), global regulations and norms (international organizations, international regimes, global forums), global technology (computer networks, cyberspace, information age, global media), and global international order (global terrorism, war, security). Students will also explore political movements that demand globalization be made a more equitable process. Finally, while learning more about the complex reality of today’s world, students will engage in critical reflections and debates about some of the most fundamental concepts in social sciences like society, culture, nation, state, territory, space and democracy.
FORMAT: Lecture
PREREQUISITES: One SOSA 1000 level course or FYP