General Degree Requirements - Ancient History: God-Kings, Spartans and Caesars CLAS 1010X/Y    Ancient History: God-Kings, Spartans and Caesars
Consideration of the pre-classical Near Eastern civilizations (Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Hebrew etc.) in the first term is followed in the second by treatment of the civilizations of Greece and Rome. The course concludes with a consideration of the dissolution of Roman Imperial power and the development of the Christian and Islamic cultures. Particular attention will be paid to political, cultural and social history. As the course is intended as an introductory one, no special preparation is expected. There is no foreign language requirement. This course fulfills the first year writing requirement.
NOTES: Credit can only be given for this course if X and Y are completed in consecutive terms and partial credit cannot be given for a single term.
  • Lecture
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FORMAT COMMENTS: Meets Writing Requirement