Courses - Pratique de la lecture/French for Reading FREN 1004X/Y    Pratique de la lecture/French for Reading
This course develops the ability to read contemporary French prose with ease and accuracy. Emphasis is on the acquisition of skills that facilitate reading. Classroom work involves a grammar review, study and discussion of a wide variety of readings, reading comprehension, as well as correction of prepared translations and sight translations (from French to English only). FREN 1004.06 is given in English and is not, by itself, suitable for students who plan to major in French. It may, however, be taken by those with no prior training in French or as an additional first-year option for those taking FREN 1007.03/FREN 1008.03 or FREN 1045X/Y.06. This course also satisfies the Bachelor of Arts Language Requirement.
NOTES: Credit can only be given for this course if X and Y are completed in consecutive terms and partial credit cannot be given for a single term.
PREREQUISITES: Online French Placement Test (