Courses - France, Canada and the Francophone World: Perspectives of Culture and Identity II. FREN 1200   France, Canada and the Francophone World: Perspectives of Culture and Identity II.
This class, taught in English, is writing-intensive and may be combined with FR 1100 to fulfill the university's Writing Requirement. While its focus and balance may vary from year to year, it builds on the work of FR 1100 and aims to treat a range of themes of common interest between France, Canada and the French-speaking world. Using a variety of resources that may include films, literary texts, the graphic novel (bande dessinée), journalistic and scholarly articles, essays, and theoretical texts of various kinds, we will explore a variety of perspectives from a range of historical periods and geographical-cultural locations. The focus will be on contemporary relevance and the comparative perspective will always be a critical one aimed at finding points of useful comparison with respect to the most urgent contemporary debates, many of which have as their focus culture and identity. Some likely themes include: representations of immigration and refugees in current cinema; models of social and cultural diversity--Canadian multiculturalism, Québec interculturalism and French laïcité; the role of France and/or Canada in the world as seen in recent literary, paraliterary and cinematic works; etc.
NOTES: This course does not satisfy the French Degree requirements. French Majors and Honours students may take this course as an elective.
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FORMAT COMMENTS: Meets Writing Requirement when taken with another half credit course that meets the Writing Requirement.