Courses - The End of the World, from 'Apocalypse' to 'Zombies' FREN 2666   The End of the World, from 'Apocalypse' to 'Zombies'
Given in English, with no prior knowledge of French required, this course is an introduction to the 'End of the World' (the end of Mankind / of the Earth / of the whole Universe) as a topic or as an archetype in a selection of narratives ranging from religious and prophetical writings to modern 'apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction'. The survey will be both chronological (from pre-biblical writings to 21st c. cinema) and thematic (destruction and renewals, chronologies and predictions, war and famine, death and the undead).
NOTES: This course does not satisfy the French degree program requirements. French Majors and Honours students may take this course as an elective.
FORMAT: Lecture