Course Descriptions - Expression écrite II/Written Expression II FREN 3048   Expression écrite II/Written Expression II
This course follows FREN 3047.03 and continues work on different types of texts and their communicative functions. Students learn how to analyze texts and how to produce them in similar written communicative situations. Grammar is hence taught in the natural context provided by the texts. Students work with a corpus of authentic documents and with electronic tools. While students’ common grammar and stylistic weaknesses are addressed, attention is also given to students’ individual writing problems. Self-correction strategies are put in place to help them overcome these. This course is normally followed by FREN 4017.03 and FREN 4046.03.
FORMAT: Lecture
PREREQUISITES: FREN 3047.03 or instructor's permission
EXCLUSIONS: FREN 3045X/Y.06 or FREN 3047.03 and FREN 3048.03