First Year Interest Groups (FIGs) - Political Worlds: Themes and Concepts POLI 1060   Political Worlds: Themes and Concepts
In this introductory course, you will be exposed to the diverse worlds of political life. You will be introduced to a range of key issues and approaches that animate both research and contemporary politics in various parts of the world. Topics addressed will include: fundamental concepts in political science; political philosophies and the bedrocks of various ideologies; the nature and limits of democracy; the Canadian regime and American regime (how their ‘governments' and institutions work in comparison); forms of political participation; culture and socialization; and the relationship between politics and the media.
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EXCLUSIONS: POLI 1010.03, POLI 1015.03, POLI 1020.03, POLI 1025.03, POLI 1030.03, POLI 1035.03, POLI 1050.03, POLI 1100X/Y.06, POLI 1103X/Y.06, POLI 1500.06/SOSA 1500.06