BA (120 credit hour) Major in Cinema and Media Studies - Long Apprenticeship b FILM 4104   Long Apprenticeship b
Students gain practical, workplace experience with an organization appropriate to their course of study. The Long Apprenticeship will represent approximately 100 – 120 hours of work on an approved project with a sponsoring organization, completed over two consecutive academic terms in FILM 4103.03 and FILM 4104.03 Positions may be paid when appropriate, but this is not guaranteed.
FORMAT: Experiential Learning
PREREQUISITES: FILM 4103 Long Apprenticeship Part 1
RESTRICTIONS: Students must have completed two years of study in a Minor/Major/Double Major/Honours/Combined Honours Bachelor of Arts program in Theatre or in Cinema and Media Studies. Applications for apprenticeships will be evaluated by the Associate Director (Cinema and Media Studies) in consultation with FSPA faculty members, who will have final decision about which apprenticeships can be sponsored by the School.
EXCLUSIONS: There are no exclusions, but students who have completed FILM 4102.06 will not be prioritized if they apply for FILM 4103.03/4104.03 and vice versa. Approval will not be granted for two apprenticeship credits with the same or similar course content.