BA (120 credit hour) Major in Cinema and Media Studies - Science Fiction in Film HSTC 2500   Science Fiction in Film
This course studies portrayals of science and technology in science fiction film. Themes examined include the "mad" scientist; science as malevolent versus science as salvation; the survival of humanness in a technological world and the contrary trend of dehumanisation in the face of advancing technology; scientific utopias and dystopias; science fiction as self-fulfilling prophecy; voyages into space and inner space; time travel; computers and artificial intelligence; nuclear holocaust and environmental apocalypses; alien life; genetic engineering; imagined technocracies; and science fiction as a vehicle for social and political; commentary. Films screened will include classics of science fiction such as Metropolis (1927), The Time Machine (1960), Solaris (1972), Bladerunner (1982) and The Matrix (1999). These feature films will be supplemented with footage from civil defence films, government celebrations of science and technology along with science documentaries. Films will be accompanied in class by discussion and criticism and students will also read scholarly treatments of cinematic science fiction. Evaluation will be based on participation, written work and a final examination.
FORMAT: Discussion
FORMAT COMMENTS: Film screening