Diploma in Emergency Health Services Management (DEHSM) - EHS System Design HESA 4030   EHS System Design
The advent of the high performance EHS system makes it evident that it is possible to “do more with less”, however, that possibility requires sensible design tempered by the political realities of the services area. It also requires the use of CQI practices to modify the design and ever vigilant system status management to maintain high performance. This course will consider first the public policy issues that bear upon EHS system design. This course will consider first the structure issues, both external and internal, that bear upon EHS system design. Then the course will consider the different designs originated from organizational theory. In the second half of the course the various system components will be presented. Finally, the course will consider disaster management of EHS systems. The objectives of this course are: (1) provide managers and management-bound students a broad perspective of the process of providing EHS services, (2) identify the scope of factors that influence, create and alter the design of EHS systems, (3) provide a foundation for system evaluation, and (4) challenge students to anticipate the factors that will affect system design when disaster strikes.