BSc or BA (120 credit hour) Double Major in Environmental Science and another subject - Introduction to Development II INTD 2002   Introduction to Development II
This course builds upon the core concepts and approaches studied in INTD 2001 (i.e. different theoretical approaches to development and the historical creation of underdevelopment). The course examines key contemporary issues in the field of development and analyses the connections between them: debt, global trade rules, foreign aid, hunger and malnutrition, rural and urban livelihoods, population growth. The course also examines the principle actors involved in development and the strategies they have used to promote and resist development, including: governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the World Bank and IMF, and popular social movements in the Global South and North.
  • Lecture
  • Tutorial

PREREQUISITES: Completion of five credits at the 1000 level or instructor's permission