Environmental Science Approved Courses from other departments - Applied Entomology BIOL 3329   Applied Entomology
Insects not only comprise more than half of the world's biodiversity, but influence human health and economic well-being in many ways. In this course students are introduced to insect pest management, agricultural, forest and medical entomology, forensic entomology, and insects in food science, beneficial and harmful insects.
NOTES: Offered in summer through SEASIDE. An auxiliary fee is charged to cover field expenses. For dates, times and special registration procedures, see seaside.science.dal.ca.
  • Lecture
  • Lab

FORMAT COMMENTS: field trips
PREREQUISITES: A grade of C+ or higher in BIOL 1010 (or BIOL 1020.03 or BIOA 1002.03) and BIOL 1011.03 (or BIOL 1021.03 or BIOA 1003.03) or SCIE 1505.18