Environmental Science Approved Courses from other departments - Political Ecology BIOL 4160   Political Ecology
Political ecology (PE) examines the politics of the environment but not on specific policies, political theories, or ideologies. PE considers an interacting array of political and socio-economic forces that shape human-environmental relationships. International case studies will be evaluated using several PE tools. Discussion format with Blackboard Learning/Internet assignments.
FORMAT: Discussion
FORMAT COMMENTS: Discussion 3 hours in class and BbLearn
PREREQUISITES: BIOL 2060.03 (or BIOA 3001.03), and one of BIOL 3003.03, BIOL 3060.03, BIOL 3061.03, BIOL 3062.03, BIOL 3063.03, BIOL 3065.03, BIOL 3067.03, BIOL 3069.03, BIOL 3101.03, BIOL 3601.03, BIOL 3623.03, BIOL 3624.03, BIOL 3761.03, BIOL 3762.03, or INTD 2001 or INTD 2002 or permission of instructor