Environmental Science Approved Courses from other departments - Introduction to Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture (A) (H) ENVA 2003   Introduction to Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture (A) (H)
Long considered a sustenance necessity in the Global South, peri-urban and urban agriculture (UA) is experiencing a resurgence in popularity in developed nations, with thousands of projects being implemented in cities across North America, Europe, and Asia. This course will provide an introduction and overview to the science, society, design, and development of UA projects around the world. Topics to be considered include historical precedents (e.g. allotments and community gardens), foundations (e.g. food systems and food literacy, urban regeneration, aesthetics and design), and technical elements (e.g. soil and water management, municipal planning). This course will be taught on-line with weekly 'lab' meetings in which students are interlinked via the inter-campus AV networking system (so that no travel is required). Assignments will have enough latitude to appeal to students who are interested in any or all of the agriculture and food, sustainability and planning, international development and urban regeneration, and individual health and social well-being.
FORMAT: Online Delivery