Environmental Science Approved Courses from other departments - Sustainability, Development, Economy INTD 3012   Sustainability, Development, Economy
This course offers an introduction to principles of sustainability and equitable distribution of benefits oriented towards issues of economy. The course adopts an interdisciplinary framework of inquiry to explore challenges of appropriate scale (relative to biocapacity), efficient allocation, and inter and intra-generational equity. In addition, the course will consider how these issues apply to managing real world issues in environmental management, and will explore tools to quantify and interpret scale, efficiency, and distributive justice. This course is designed as a one-term introduction to the intersection of sustainability, economic issues and social justice for undergraduate students who have little or no prior exposure to economics, but who have completed one or more courses in international development, ESS, environmental science, or related programs.
FORMAT: Online Delivery
FORMAT COMMENTS: Online delivery
PREREQUISITES: INTD 2001 and INTD 2002 or permission of instructor