BSc (120 credit hour) Combined Honours in Ocean Sciences and another subject - Physics in and Around You I PHYC 1310   Physics in and Around You I
This is an introduction to physics for students in Biology, Psychology, Arts and Environmental Sciences, and for students preparing for MCAT, and Medicine, Dentistry and Applied Health Sciences. It is accepted as a prerequisite to advanced courses in physics when combined with PHYC1320, MATH 1000.03 and 1010.03. Basic concepts in mechanics, waves, sound and fluids are applied, where possible, to realistic biological models, e.g. forces and torques are related to muscles and joints.
NOTES: This course is not acceptable for the Engineering program
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PREREQUISITES: High School Physics equivalent to the Nova Scotia 12 level. Students not having a physics credit equivalent to Nova Scotia Grade 12 Physics are strongly advised to take PHYC 0010.00 available in the summer and in the fall term. See the College of Continuing Education at:
EXCLUSIONS: Credit will be given for only one of PHYC 1000X/Y.06, 1100X/Y.06, 1190.03, 1280.03, 1300X/Y.06, or 1310.03