Minor in Italian Studies - Twentieth Century Italian Literature ITAL 3300   Twentieth Century Italian Literature
This course examines Italian literature in the twentieth century, with references to contemporary Italy’s social history and culture. Students will acquire first-hand knowledge of the work of key writers of the Novecento, such as for example Sibilla Aleramo, Luigi Pirandello, Italo Svevo, Natalia Ginzburg, Primo Levi, Elsa Morante, Italo Calvino, Dacia Maraini, or others. The course goals are multi-folded: while strengthening their communicative skills in Italian, students will forge their own tools for critical and argumentative thinking, and use them to engage in a productive reading of the literary texts under consideration. All coursework will be done in Italian.
  • Lecture
  • Seminar

PREREQUISITES: ITAL 2010XY or permission of instructor