Minor in Italian Studies - Topics in Italian Culture ITAL 3500   Topics in Italian Culture
This course will discuss and critically assess selected topics of Italian culture. The subjects will vary from year to year, and may range from Italy's fine arts tradition to the history of its commedia dell’arte, from its political and literary movements to its world-renowned filmmaking practice, from the changing role of women in Italian society to its religious evolution, from its history of migration and exploration to its “Made in Italy” international appeal and marketing. Topics may be added and perspectives changed as the contemporary Italian and European context evolve. The course will be conducted in a seminar setting where students may report on the specific issue and subject researched. Students will take part in reading and critical evaluation of peer work and individually propose an oral presentation on a selected theme that elicits their interest.
  • Lecture
  • Discussion

PREREQUISITES: ITAL 2010X/Y.06 or permission of instructor