Minor in Italian Studies - Advanced Composition ITAL 4010   Advanced Composition
This course addresses issues of syntax and grammar, register and style, and advanced vocabulary for both creative and academic writing. It will have both a theoretical and a practical component and will be writing intensive. Students will exercise advanced reading skills, advanced grammar skills (using sophisticated Italian syntax and morphology), and advanced composition skills (from structuring a creative piece of work to essay composition and completion). Compositions will address Italian literary and cinematic works. Students will work both in groups and individually. The course will be given in a workshop format, and student participation is essential to its success. It is recommended that students read Italian as much as possible (texts from mass media, popular fiction as well as academic material). Work in class and at home will include summaries, synopses, bullet-point schemes, writing and re-writing, peer reviewing, and related research.
  • Lecture
  • Discussion

PREREQUISITES: ITAL 3010X/Y.06 or permission of instructor